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Enrights North Coast Removalist FAQS

Do I really need a Piano removal specialist?

Take into consideration that you are about to move an expensive instrument that could weigh more than 300kgs. You must keep the keys, pedals, wires and other delicate components intact, or face a repair bill that can sometimes cost more than hiring the right people in the first place. You really do need a removalist that has Piano moving equipment and experience if you want a low stress and low-cost move.

Does Enrights really have over 100 years combined moving experience?

Of course, founded over 55 years ago in 1962 by Gerry & Daphne Enright and now run by their four sons. Enrights North Coast Removalist has been a family moving families for decades easily racking up 100 years of combined removal experience.

Does Enrights use & offer quality packaging?

Absolutely, we even have all types of packaging that you may require, available at our depot. You can purchase your desired amounts of boxes, tape or bubble wrap directly from us. We also offer a packaging service.

Is getting a packaging service required?

No, you are not required to use our packaging service BUT we highly recommend it if you want a stress-free move with undamaged items. Is there really a price on knowing your precious good are correctly packaged into those boxes whilst they are in transport?

Why must I drain the fuel from my mower & powered equipment?

Because by law in Australia under the Dangerous Goods Act 1985 removalist companies are prohibited from moving any item or substance covered by the act.

What are dangerous goods?

Below is a list of a few items & substances we are prohibited to move. For more info Check out the Dangerous Goods Act

  • Fertilisers
  • Fuel
  • Paints & paint thinners
  • Car batteries
  • Gas cylinders
  • Pool chemicals
  • Combustible liquids
  • Firearms & ammunition (even in secured safe)

Does Enrights offer safe storage if there is a delay or complication with my move?

Yes, we have a Storage facility in Kunda park on the sunshine coast. The facility is dry and is well maintained, with regular pest control. It is also securely monitored. Note that we don’t store any dangerous goods, so don’t forget to remove fuel from powered devices.
Also, we try not to store any plants, foods or any perishables that will degrade or attract vermin. We will also provide you with a full condition or inventory report.

I am moving interstate what do I do with my plants?

Sadly, it is not recommended to take your plants interstate with you as there is a myriad of problem you can run into with quarantine laws & regulations. This is because diseases carried by plants can devastate the local agriculture. It is difficult to move the plants as the diseases can be present on the leaves, fruit & soil.
If the plant is special or valuable to you, contact your destination state to find out if there’s a treatment option available or if the plant has no quarantine issues.

What is your out of hours contact?

If you require a quote for your move outside business hours please use the quote page and we will get back to you asap.

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