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Enrights Guide on moving house with your pets Sunshine Coast

Enrights Guide on moving house with your pets Sunshine Coast

With all the stress of moving often, people will forget that they have to move their best friends too. sometimes that can cause a lot of work and stress for both owner and pet. if you’re moving to the Sunshine Coast stress is the last thing you need to bring with you.
Our 3 step guide should be of help in your move with pets

Pre-move tips

Planning prevents problems. Before you get Enrights North Coast Removalist to pack you up and get you to your new home. There are somethings you need to get in order for your four-legged friend

  • Take a recent photo of your pet. This way if during the move they manage to get away, you’ll have the most recent photo at hand to give out to your new neighbours
  • Visit your vet. If you are moving out of range for your current vet be sure to stock up on any prescriptions for your pet, also ask for recommendations on vets in your new area.
  • If your pet has a bed DO NOT WASH IT, your furry friend needs the smell of something familiar when moving. You can freely wash all pet bedding a couple weeks after, as both yours and his smell will be on the new property by then.
  • If you are moving to the Sunshine Coast or any other new regional area, always check with your council concerning pet ownership and registration
  • Check your new area for good dog walk routes or dog parks
  • When preparing for your move, keep your pets schedule the same. Don’t start adding stress when you don’t need to
  • Have a plan ready for your new house, where are you going to keep your pet, their food & their toys

Moving Day

With the stress of the actual move taken care of by Enright, The Sunshine Coasts firsts removalist. Giving you the time you need to take care of your pet.

  • Make sure your pet has his collar with name and contact on during the move incase hes runs off, a phone call from a neighbour is cheaper then one from the pound
  • Lock them away somewhere or give them to a friend to watch for the day, pets & lifting heavy furniture is not a stress free moving experiences
  • Make sure they’re safe when transporting them.
  • Set-up an area for your pet to hang out during the move into your new place so you can be free to unpack yourself
  • Make sure your pet have access to fresh food and water. Do not panic if your dog or cat isn’t eating. It is common when pets are stressed that they go off their food, even getting sick in cases. Note if your pets doesn’t eat for an extended period of time please contact your vet
  • Remember to get all their paperwork & microchips updated for their new address

Settling your pet into your new home

With the hard part done, you may be on the other side of the move, but dont forget about your pet.

  • If you have a dog, make sure the take them on a regular walk around your new area, so they can familiarize with all the sights and smells
  • Make sure to stick to any pre-move routine with your pets, such as specified feeding or walking times
  • Don’t let your cat out of your house for the first few days, as it needs to orientate itself with its new home.
  • If your pets are miss behaving, cut them slack. Cats especially, will be extra sensitive to the move and may have little accidents while settling in. this should only occur for the first week or so, any longer contact your pet specialist

So if you want a stress-free move for you and your pet in the Sunshine Coast area, please contact us and we will be happy to plan your ideal move for you and your four legged friend.

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