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Removal Packing Services Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Packing up our household goods can be a tiring and stressful process. Let us take care of that for you. Enrights North Coast Removals are trained in packing and removal services on the Sunshine Coast.

We know how important it is to pack up your items with care and prescision. A box that is incorrectly packed can have its contents damaged during transit. Our removalists are experienced in ensuring that items are well secured. We will keep an inventory of contents in each box and make sure that content is organised in such a way as to make unpacking the box at your new home a breeze.

Have you got packing material? Don’t worry. We can supply all the packing material you require. Just let us know exactly what you require, and we will make sure to allow the time and resources to make moving day go smoothly.

Do you need help packing up your home? Let us help you with all your packing needs.

Worried about your crockery and kitchenware? We handle your fragile items with care. These delicate items can get damaged very easily during transit if not packed correctly. Our packing service is affordable and should be used to lighten your load.
We will make sure that:

  • All furniture removals are handled with care.
  • All boxes are packed neatly.
  • All Items are secure with no movement and sufficient packing around each item.
  • Your items are moved safely and stored securely.
  • And mostly that your relocation will be stress free.

What to do when using a removalist to move home

  • There are many simple preparations that can be made in the weeks prior to your move, including:
  • Confirm removal dates with us and any accommodation
  • Consult with manufacturers to see if your fridge, washing machine and other appliances require attention before transportation
  • Organise childcare for packing and moving days if necessary
  • Collect family dental and medical records, as well as basic forms of identification
  • Ensure you have enough packaging material if packing yourself
  • Backup all of your important digital information
  • Notify all relevant bodies of your change of address
  • Disconnect all appropriate services

Moving day checklist

Beyond those basic reminders, we advise that you take a look at the great moving checklist below. This covers specific tasks running up to and on moving day.

We hope this information helps make your moving experience with Enrights North Coast Removals that much easier!

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