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Tips & Tricks To Help You Successfully Relocate A Microwave In the Right Way

Tips & Tricks To Help You Successfully Relocate A Microwave In the Right Way

When it comes to moving kitchen appliances, it’s the microwave that takes the least time to perform the task. This is because microwaves are lighter when compared to other kitchen essentials such as oven ranges, stoves and refrigerators.


On the contrary, though, most homeowners out there know very little when moving their microwave appliances and thereby make certain mistakes – which in turn erodes the overall moving experience. Therefore, if you want a seamless and clean moving experience, the following tips & tricks might help you out – with the help of removalists in Sunshine Coast services.


Suggestions When Planning To Move Your Microwave


  1. Always Clean It Before You Start Packing It


Like with all kitchen appliances, it’s always recommended to give your microwave a fantastic cleaning before you start packing it up and thereby transport it to your new home. Even if you clean your microwave regularly, you’d be amazed to see how much grime and grease it has accumulated over all the years of its operation.


In case you don’t clean your microwave before packing it, then it can lead to the existent grime & grease mixing up with the sides of the box into which you’re packing the same. Therefore, when you’ll be installing it again in your new home, you’ll have to clean it anyway because the resultant mess will be undesirable. Furthermore, since you’ll be cleaning your kitchen anyway when moving out, adding the microwave to those list of things might be a small price to pay.


  1. Know The Right Steps When Moving A Venting Microwave


In case you are using a microwave that is also serving as a ventilation device for your current kitchen stove, then you have to take extra precautions for the same – as the work involved is much more than just unplugging it from the wall socket. The following steps need to be followed when moving a venting microwave:


  • Shut off the power and unplug your microwave.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the vent and thereby expose the lower part of the entire mounting bracket.
  • Then remove the mounting bracket using the screwdriver and finally lift off the microwave from the secure grappling hooks.


Moreover, you also need some helping hands when removing a venting microwave because of its weight and stability – which calls in for the perfect time to hire removalists in Maroochydore services.


  1. Keep The Power Cords Secure


If you keep your microwave power cord loose, it can easily puncture through your packing materials and thereby can damage the integrity of your moving boxes.


Try using a plastic zip-tie or a packing tape to safely secure the power cord of your microwave, so that it doesn’t become unravelled when you move your microwave around. The process is easy and will take around one minute to complete it.

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